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4 Things Your Gym Won’t Tell You

These days, more and more people seem to be flocking to the gym in order to shape up and slim down. And while this endeavor is great in that the drive to be healthy and beautiful helps develop self-esteem while also leading to a more productive life, it’s... read more

Sleeping Less to Ramp up Metabolism and Strength?

So, how much sleep do you think you need to feel refreshed in the morning? Typically, most people believe they need eight to nine hours of sleep each night. A recent study, by Daniel Kripke, found that people who sleep 6 or 7.5 hours every night, live longer and were... read more

Blood Sugar Management Strategies

Millions of individuals live with Type I or Type II Diabetes every day, consumed with constant blood sugar management and monitoring, attention to proper diet, certain types of recommended exercise, maintenance of the other health systems in their body that can be... read more

Abs, Abs, Abs – ROCK HARD ABS

Hey there Exerscriber, If you’re like most gym-goers, you probably add a couple ab exercises onto the end of each workout (if at all). Yet, many just never seem to be satisfied with their abs. The problem? Working on your abs after your body is already fatigued... read more

Lean and Tone in Less Time

Humans, by definition, want everything and they want it all now. Getting lean and tone are not things that can be achieved automatically, however. For example, when losing weight, now is NOT the healthiest way to achieve your goal. Many people set goals to lose... read more

Lemon Coconut Snack Bites

This recipe is the perfect on-the-go healthy snack or a no-guilt remedy for a sweet tooth.  These snack bites turned out so good that we keep going back to the pan to snag “just one more” after they came out of the oven.  And as always, they are gluten... read more

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