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10 Reasons to Workout When Sick

There is much debate going on both within and outside of the medical community over whether or not to workout when you are sick. Current medical knowledge seems to equally support both sides of the argument. Many people are concerned that it will worsen their... read more

Why Women Don’t Get Bulky from Lifting Weights

Hey Exerscribers, In today’s video I’ll explain why women don’t get big and bulky from lifting weights (even though every woman thinks they will). In this video you will learn: The hormones that prevent women from getting too muscular How your diet... read more

Carbohydrate Tolerance: Have You Heard of It?

Is your capacity to eat lots of carbs without gaining weight due to your genes? How is that some people can eat tons of sweet potatoes, bowls of rice, and bunches of bananas without gaining a single pound, while you seem to balloon up just by looking at a yam? It... read more

Abs, Abs, Abs – ROCK HARD ABS

Hey there Exerscriber, If you’re like most gym-goers, you probably add a couple ab exercises onto the end of each workout (if at all). Yet, many just never seem to be satisfied with their abs. The problem? Working on your abs after your body is already fatigued... read more

Lemon Coconut Snack Bites

This recipe is the perfect on-the-go healthy snack or a no-guilt remedy for a sweet tooth.  These snack bites turned out so good that we keep going back to the pan to snag “just one more” after they came out of the oven.  And as always, they are gluten... read more

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