As a kid I remember “hacking” my own Gak from mixing borax and guar gum from my chemistry kit.chem lab kitgak

It wasn’t until I was 15, and learned the nuances of weight training techniques from a personal trainer at my local gym, that I began exploring idea of “biohacking.” Years later, I became a personal trainer and started working with clients that I realized how important biohacking really was. After over 10,000 hours of one-on-one training sessions, I found that the common denominator  to client success was individualization. I no longer considered biohacking a short-cut to results, but instead a philosophy for unlocking individual potential.


With the help of Dr. Cobb and Kathy from Z-Health Performance®, a brain-based education system for fitness professionals, I switched my paradigm from a physiological view to a neurological one. This was a big shift considering my 10 previous certifications had advocated physical exercises and methods that focused solely on making some change in the body. Z-Health® on the other hand was the first that showed me how drills, movements, and techniques with a deliberate intention of firing neurons in the brain could make extremely rapid and more efficient change in the body.

From working with clients overcome pain to maximizing their nutrition to unlocking strength and performance, Z-Health® taught me how to harness the power of the brain and nervous system to help more people than I previously thought possible.

Out of this diverse background in experience and education, Exerscribe has evolved to offer the tools, resources and technologies to unlock your superhuman potential.

Kusha Karvandi, CSCS, Z-Health Practitioner

Kusha Karvandi, CSCS, Z-Health Practitioner

co-founder // exerscribe