Abs, Abs, Abs – ROCK HARD ABS

Abs, Abs, Abs – ROCK HARD ABS

If you’re like most gym-goers, you probably add a couple ab exercises onto the end of each workout (if at all). Yet, many just never seem to be satisfied with their abs. The problem? Working on your abs after your body is already fatigued from your earlier workout.

Stop thinking of your abs as a secondary body part and set aside an entire workout just to focus on the abs.  Not only are rock hard abs sexy as he**, but having a strong core will also improve your posture and aid in all of your other workouts.  Now, if you are more focused on the vanity of a six pack, diet is key.  You could have a six pack hidden under layers of stomach fat (For help with nutrition check out our Lean Living Coaching Program). But as far as your workout goes, do yourself a favor and work those abs into a chiseled 6 pack and show them off!



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