Beating the Holiday 15

It’s that dreaded time of year when it seems like it’s impossible to eat right: the holidays. From October to January, there are non-stop holidays that are centered around overeating and overdrinking. It’s no wonder that most people report gaining up to 15 pounds over the holiday rush. Before making that New Year’s resolution to shed off those 15 pounds, be proactive and avoid gaining the weight in the first place.

Make a Plan

You’re hungry, in a hurry, with no time to think so you stop by one of the legions of fast food restaurants you pass on your way to the next stop. You want to be healthy, but even a modest meal at a fast food joint can still clock in more than 800 calories (not to mention toxic Polyunsaturated Fats, hormones and other artificial ingredients). Instead, make a plan before you leave the house. Many restaurants post nutrition facts online, so there’s no reason to go in unarmed when you’re left with no other option.

Make a plan of eating for the whole day. Write down what you’re going to eat and when you’re going to eat it. That way, you don’t have to think about it again. It’s easier to achieve your goals if you can avoid restaurants altogether. Pack a meal and snacks before you leave the house. I personally love keeping some almond butter packets on hand, like these ones by Justin’s Brand.

Catch Some Rays or Take a Supplement

Sunlight is needed to produce vitamin D in the body. The holiday season is short on sunlight and long on darkness. Darkness is threatening to the nervous system (brain) which can elevate stress hormones. Also, naturally, human bodies produce less vitamin D during the colder months. Moods can be affected by the lack of sufficient vitamin D and low spirits can cause poor decision making such as overeating.

A few minutes of sun exposure can produce enough vitamin D plus potentially supplementing with vitamin D (or eating Vitamin D-rich foods such as whole milk or whole eggs) can make a substantial difference.

Take a Sauna

The Scandinavians have known about the health benefits of saunas for years. Very popular in Sweden, sitting in a sauna produces sweat, increases circulation, and contributes to relaxation, all of which are beneficial to keeping off the extra pounds. Saunas have received numerous much notoriety lately due to their ability to aid in weight loss. This makes them your best friend during the holiday season to manage overall health during the holiday frenzy.

Specifically, infrared saunas have become very popular in the health and fitness scene in the last few years. These saunas have been shown to make a significant impact on health with regard to pain relief, detoxification, lowering blood pressure, fat loss (especially around the midsection) and skin purification.

Zen Out with Music

Music has been used to decrease stress, manage pain, increase endurance, and relieve depression. Because stress leads to poor food choices and weight gain, amp up some tunes as you run around town during the holiday season. Try Acoustic Resonance Therapy (A.R.T) which combines vibration and sound to produce physical, emotional, and mental balance within your bodies.

A.R.T. is becoming widespread among elite spas, therapists, and weight loss experts. A.R.T can be combined with other relaxation and weight management methods like the sauna listed above or yoga. It can even be enjoyed when you’re just lounging around on a cold winter’s day with this massage table retrofit kit.

Try implementing a few of these tips to maintain healthy weight during the holiday season. You’ll be happier and more relaxed to enjoy holiday meals with family and friends without stressing or adding any unwanted extra pounds.

Happy Turkey Day 🙂


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