Cardio or Weight Training for Fat Loss?

Cardio or Weight Training for Fat Loss?

What’s better for weight loss? Cardio or Weight Training?

At the gym, you’ll see a lot of people doing cardio, whether it’s with the stair master, elliptical, or treadmill, people think that if they just do cardio, they’ll lose the weight they want to.

People seem to think that cardio is what you do when you want to lose weight, and weight  training is what you do if you want to gain muscle. Well there’s more to the story than just that,  and in my video, I’ll explain and cover several reasons that blow that exercise stereotype out the water.

Weight Training is More Powerful and Here’s Why

  • Steady-state cardio raises Cortisol (a stress hormone) for the entire duration of the workout. Cortisol eats away at your muscle tissue and stores more body fat for the same duration after your workout session.
  • Aerobic exercise requires massive amounts of oxygen. This means that you’ll end up storing more body fat and burning more muscle because it requires the work of several muscle groups, and using a specific energy system that prefers a smaller, less toned physique.

If You Must do Cardio, Attack it Weight-Training Style: Intervals

  • High-intensity followed by low-intensity (i.e. sprint followed by jog)
  • Do 1:1 ratio of high-intensity to low-intensity (unless you’re advanced, you could do 2:1)
  • Repeat 10 to 15 times MAX
  • Include 5 min warm up and cool down and you’re set


Get the facts straight about cardio and weight training exercises. Both are good if used with the proper information.

See you next time,

Kusha Karvandi

founder // exerscribe