Top 30 Most Influential Health Bloggers

Top 30 Most Influential Health Bloggers

Health has always been of concern to humanity as this field helps them to extend their lifespans and to happily dance into old age.

However, with the turning of the 21st century, health concerns have become even more prominent in society. People who never really thought too much about their health before are now taking the time to trim back on the fats they eat, workout more on a regular basis and buy products that are healthier for their families. As thus, these 30 prominent health bloggers, who can even help you to design a custom workout plan, are making their impact on the scene.

1. Dave Asprey |

With notes of the holistic movement that has also currently swept the nation, Dave Asprey provides tips on regaining and maintaining health in terms of both mind and body. By using his Bulletproof® Coffee method, Asprey leads you to a world where
your brain can function at a higher capacity, and you’ll have the energy to take on feats that you never before thought possible for your body. An array of other products to boost your life is offered as well.


2. Larry and Oksana Ostrovsky |

Not only does this duo focus on the mind and body components of a healthy life, but they also bring in elements of the spirit. When all three are working in harmony, you can live a life like you had never imagined before. This blog brings in articles that focus on how to better manage your time and how powerful hard work and determination are. It also keeps itself firmly planted in the present and future as the writers explore the harm that certain types of technology can actually have on your health.

Larry & Oksana Ostrovsky

3. Dr. Eric Cobb |

Z-Health Performance solutions brings in the touch of a trained medical professional with its founder, Dr. Eric Cobb. Dr. Cobb looks at the powerful connections that exist between what people think that they have the ability to do and what they can actually do. With a background in neurology, this mind-body connection is prominent. Furthermore, before starting a custom workout plan, speaking with a physician is important, and Dr. Cobb can help to put you on the right track. Of course, your body type and personal conditions can change the situation, so make an appointment with your regular doctor too.

Dr. Eric Cobb

4. Tyler Bramlett |

You might find that Tyler Bramlett can be your own online personal trainer. His website, Garage Warrior, has plenty of videos that help you to overcome your physical barriers. The series of videos not only includes information about exercises that you can do to overcome your weight loss struggles, but also details on how to eat properly and news on the latest things you need to know to live a healthy lifestyle. You can also read success stories from others to have a sense of motivation and inspiration in your own fitness goals.

Tyler Bramlett from

5. Sean Croxton |

This holistic-centered blog chronicles all of the information that you need to live a life full of energy for your entire being. The inspirational line on the first page is, “Ask what makes you come alive, and do it.” Croxton’s articles are informative and captivating to the audience. Titles include “3 Reasons to Stop Eating Splenda,” “Confessions of a Health Blogger” and “5 Natural Tips for Reducing Cellulite.” You also have the option to sign up for updates through email so that you can always be on top of the latest health news.

Sean Croxton from

6. Mike Boyle |

Staying healthy involves many components, and one of them is building up your strength. When you take tips from Mike Boyle, that is exactly the goal that you can hope to accomplish. In fact, this site in and of itself can be an online personal trainer since it provides a compilation of strength-building advice that has been sought after by thousands of individuals. Whether you want to read through articles on the blog or hop into the forum to connect with other people, you are building your own healthy lifestyle.

Mike Boyle Strength Coach

7. Terry Moncada |

Getting rid of that fat is a targeted effect when you invite Terry Moncada into your home. The site contains articles on losing weight and staying fit, and you can also enter your email address to get 10 tips. On top of that, books are available too for the person who prefers a good old-fashioned copy. You can also purchase supplements to aid you in your journey to become healthier. Apparel is for sale also. When you’re at the gym and need an extra ounce of motivation, look down to your clothing, and you’ll see your drive.

Terry Moncada,

8. Elliott Hulse |

At the top of the first page on this blog, you’ll see the words “Become The Strongest Version Of Yourself.” From simply scanning through some blog posts, you can see how important this goal is for Hulse to project to his audience. Once again, a focus appears on the spiritual connections that exist with the mind and body and how nurturing these connections can help a person to become whole. For those who want clarify in their thoughts and their bodies, this blog will open up an avenue for obtaining that.

Elliott Hulse, Strength Camp

9. Charles Poliquin |

Obtaining the knowledge of someone who has worked with Olympic athletes is certainly a goal for those who are really interested in and intrigued by fitness, and this is certainly what you can get when you visit Poliquin’s blog. Across the top of the page, you’ll find information on how to get yourself motivation, ways that you can improve your health and how to work toward succeeding more readily and regularly in your everyday existence. Finding the strength to address all corners of your life can give you the necessary motivation to move forward with your health journey.

Charles Poliquin,

10. Melissa Dahl

When looking for information on your health, you want to connect with a trusted source, and that’s exactly what you get when you check out the blog called Body Odd by NBC News. Dahl takes a look at a variety of different issues. For example, the title of one of her latest blogs was “How to Spot A Narcissist: You Need Ask Only One Question.” This very title shows that Dahl is not only concerned with the health of the body, but also how that health benefits from and motivates connections with the rest of humanity.

Melissa Dahl

11. Dr. Frank Lipman

Learning about health and wellness goes beyond just listening blindly to what someone else has to tell you. In order to truly take health into your own hands, you should be invested in it, and that’s exactly what Dr. Frank Lipman’s blog allows you to do. At the top of the page, you can check out Dr. Lipamn’s philosophy to learn why he feels the way he does and why his suggestions for a healthy lifestyle are worthy of implementation into your own life.

dr. frank lipman


12. Mark Bittman

You love to learn about exercises that you can bring into your routine and how your mind, body and spirit are all connected. However, you also want to gain some advice that you can bring into the kitchen on a regular basis, and that’s exactly what Mark Bittman’s Blog does for you. On this site, you can read up on a ton of healthy recipes and follow the instructions to bring these tasty treats into your own kitchen. Simply looking at the pictures of food on the website will be enough to make you crave a healthier lifestyle.

Mark Bittman

13. Adam Bornstein

Anyone who has ever felt overwhelmed by all of the information surrounding health out there should take a look at Adam Bornstein’s blog entitled “Born Fitness.: At the heart of this blog lies the concept of demystifying the process for people who just do not know what to do about their health needs. Instead of obsessing over terms that you just cannot seem to understand, Bornstein brings you back to the information that you really need to know to live a healthier and, therefore, happier life.

Adam Bornstein

14. Heidi Swanson

People who are trying to live a healthier lifestyle often struggle with the foods that they can eat. A lot of them feel as though they end up consuming the same meals over and over again in this journey to lose weight and to build muscle. Fortunately, when you take a look at Swanson’s blog entitled “101 Cookbooks,” you can get enough ideas that you never have to feel as though you are eating the same meal every night.

Heidi Swanson

15. Marion Nestle

The title alone, “Food Politics,” may give you some insight as to the content of this blog. As someone who has an interest in health, you may already know that people are constantly debating over the labels of certain products and what that means for the country and the world as wholes. By reading the information presented in this blog, you can begin to define for yourself what is right and to learn the facts of the matter as opposed to basing your opinion off of arbitrary details.

Marion NestleMarion Nestle

16. Mark Sisson

All different types of theories exist on what the healthiest way to live is. If you are a person who is trying to follow the paleo diet or who would like to learn more about this way of life, then you definitely want to check out “Mark’s Daily Apple.” On this blog, you can learn about how to travel back to the past and integrate these practices into your daily life. If you’re feeling like you don’t have the strength to make such a change, check out some of the success stories and let them inspire you.

Mark Sisson

17. Scott Miles

Along with healthy eating and an overall healthy lifestyle, running has also become a trend in recent years. People who never envisioned themselves as runners are now participating in 5K competitions all over the place. When you need some motivation to get started on your running expeditions, check out “iRunnerBlog.” Whether you have just entered into the world of running or have years of experience under your belt, this resource can be a powerful and helpful tool.

Scott Miles

18. Lauren Fleshman

No matter how much information you read about health or any subtopic of it, you probably wish that you had a soundboard for at least some of your questions. This is exactly the capacity in which Lauren Fleshman serves with her appropriately-titled blog, “Ask Lauren Fleshman.” Check out the Q&A page of her site to see what questions she has answered in the past, and maybe you’ll be able to get your own burning inquiry resolved as well.

Lauren Fleshman

19. Gina Homolka

If you’ve never heard of the “Skinny Taste” blog before, now is the time to head on over there and start looking through an array of recipes that could change the way you think about cooking. Homolka’s blog is extremely well-organized, so whether you are looking for some appetizers to serve at a summer barbecue or you need a main course for Christmas dinner, this blog has so many inspirational and healthy ideas for you.

Gina Homolka

20. Deryn Macey

As the name of the blog, “Running on Real Food,” implies, these writings help to take you away from some of the overly-processed garbage that people eat on a regular basis and introduce you to wholesome and delicious foods that will make you crave more. On top of providing you with recipes, Macey also has an area of her website dedicated to fitness so that you can learn more about how to maintain an overall healthy lifestyle.

Deryn Macey

21. Beth Risdon

Fitness and health are both serious issues. As you know, people are concerned about these issues because they want to live long lives, and they want to be around to see their children and their children’s children prosper. However, Beth Risdon helps to bring a little bit of humor into that goal with her aptly titled blog “Shut Up and Run.”

Beth Risdon

22. Carrie Skoll

For the individual, health is important. People have to look into the mirror every day and see themselves; however, for man, the quest toward overall health does not end with their own being. Still though, no one would deny that trying to juggle family life with little ones and your own health pursuits is a challenge. Therefore, when you need some extra motivation to push through and conquer, check out the writings of Skoll in “Family Fitness Food.”

Carrie Skoll

23. Diet Blog

This blog is a compilation of work from a variety of different sources who are in the field of nutrition and health. While many reasons for health and fitness share similar themes, every perspective is not exactly the same. Therefore, having a number of different avenues down which you can roam is actually helpful because you will not feel as though you are strictly constrained to one particular diet plan.

24. Suzanne Barston

Healthy skills begin at a very young age, and this can be terrifying for mothers when it comes to their little ones. They want to make sure they are doing the right thing for their children. In a world of so much information, women need to feel supported with their choices. Therefore, this blog “Fearless Formula Feeder” helps women who formula feed their babies to feel as though they are creating healthy paths for their little ones.

suzanne barston

25. Obesity Panacea

Dealing with obesity is a problem that many people have. They want to be exposed to the issues and they want to know how to get over this condition, but they do not want to feel judged. By reading “Obesity Panacea,” which is crafted by the Public Library of Science, they can start to rebuild their lives without feeling the harsh criticism that has likely tainted their progress before.

26. Hello Healthy

When you are looking for a tool to help guide you toward your weight loss and fitness goals, you may very well turn to MyFitnessPal. You’ll be happy to know that MyFitnessPal also has this blog called “Hello Healthy,” so you will be able to feel as though you have a companion with you through your fitness journeys.

27. Tony Gentilcore

People who want to get into shape have all different ideas about the exercises they want to pursue and the paths that they want to take. By reading Gentilcore’s blog, you can start to learn all about building up your strength through weight training.

Tony Gentilcore

28. Dawn Fletcher

If you’ve ever engaged in a pursuit to get healthy before, you probably know how much of this venture comes from your mind. When you are able to start thinking like a healthy person, you are also able to start acting more like one too. By reading “Mentality WOD,” you can get your mind in the right place to inspire and motivation the next steps you need to take toward an overall healthier lifestyle.

dawn fletcher

29. Kimberly Whittaker

Here is another blog with a title that practically screams inspiration. It’s called “Manifest Yourself,” and it will help to bring you from a person who does not believe in the talents that you have been given to one who wants to share them with the rest of the world. Health starts with yourself, and this blog will help to take you there.

Kimberly Whittaker

30. Dr. Kelly Starrett |

Getting up, moving around and taking in a workout are all tasks that Dr. Starrett feels possible for individuals. Therefore, no matter what fitness level you are at, or how much weight you have to lose, you can find a fitness routine for yourself on MobilityWOD. Whether you’re interested in taking to the track or practicing a yoga routine, this blog provides you with the tips you need to get started.

Dr. Kelly Starrett


When you’re reading to get healthy, let one or more of these blogs guide your way to success. That’s assuming, of course, you’re not satiating your thirst for knowledge on this blog 😉